Liz Martinson

A writer of light romance with life events. Great for an easy read while travelling, on the beach or by the fire.

I've been writing for many years but it is only recently I have had the time to polish and publish.
Great news on that front - I've been accepted by a publisher and they have also taken on my previous three Indie published books, and my new one.

Ullandale, Counterpoint and Takeover
are available on Amazon 
and my new book coming out soon, is called Belonging.

I live in the Yorkshire Dales and enjoy walking, reading, listening to music, taking photos, biking and cooking.

My husband is very supportive and has put effort into encouraging me and helping with proof-reading! A recent addition to the house - two black cats called Shadow and Rags.

What some of the reviews have said:

Enjoyable, gentle read, with enough drama to keep the pages turning, but nothing too traumatic or unpleasant. I was really rooting for Kate and I liked the development of some of the more minor characters too. Flowed nicely especially after the first few scenes, and the author has a lovely touch with descriptions of the location and scenery - Katy

Loved it! I was hooked by page 10. Laughed out loud at points. Am now following Liz and looking forward to future reads. - Aileen

An easy to read, enjoyable story of boy meets girl. Kate, our heroine, goes through some turmoil and distress, trying to cope with her emotions for Euen, amidst the dramatic scenery she finds herself now living in. One or two twists made this reader try to guess the ending, and keep reading. Kate becomes a stronger and more resilient person as the story progresses, even though she doesn't guess the truth about the people she is working with! Perfect reading for cold dreary days. Thanks Liz, for your enthusiasm for Scotland and writing! - Dilys

Best book I've ever read! - Rachel

Brilliant, I loved ever bit of this book, it had me on the edge of my seat at times, making it impossible to put down. A thoroughly enjoyable read. - Jane

Another great novel by Liz Martinson! Having read Ullandale I was hoping for the same great plot twists and engagement. I wasn't disappointed. The story had me hooked from the beginning and I found it hard to put down. It is a story that lives in your head until you have finished it and even then it lingers still, as a tasty after read. I look forward to more from the same author - Pam